Dear American Citizens. Your Tips and Tricks are appreciated but I live in a first world country.


First of all notice the COMEDY tag, even though those are all facts I used the tag because I’m not trying to hate on US people (love you), so I’m joking. Joking with the truth though.

Second, I did NOT put all my lifesaving in to crypto.

But if I did then what’s the big deal? Would I be homeless and struggle to survive? No, not really, my life would go on as usual.

Oh but what about 401k? What the fuck is a 401k? You don’t need to tell me, something something retirement. I don’t care. When I’m 65 I retire and get enough money from the government to live a normal life until I die. No questions asked.

But what if I lose my job? Well then I get money from the government to live a normal life for years and in that time frame I’m pretty confident I’ll find a new job.

But what if you or your family have a medical emergency? Then I go to the doctor I guess, which sends me to the hospital or wherever I need to get what I need, sure I would pay a little bit but not really something I’d have to worry about.

Even if all those those things happened to me at once I’d probably do just fine.

Oh and by the way, don’t think I have a good job. I wash dishes and my gf works cleaning in a hotel. Although its relative, compared to most of the world its great, just in the context of where I live, they’re low paying jobs.

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