Damn, the market just crashed


So, BTC just dropped quite a bit. Fuck, not even a bit. It crashed. Can’t even say “when in doubt scroll out” kind of crash because you can still see the spike downwards. So, what are you guys going to do with this crash? I’m just planning to DCA and hope for the best.

I’m also pretty concerned about this though. BTC has been in the red for most of the month (Nov 4th to Dec4) and it’s just been going down, down, and more down.

For the long-term holders, you guys should be fine. If this is long-term (which I highly doubt), then that’ll be a problem. Short-term holders, I wish you guys the best of luck. And for those who said 100k EOY for BTC, please don’t inhale too much copium /j.

Good luck, and have a good day everyone.

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