Cut out as many non essential expenses as you can. You’ll thank yourself in the future.


I realized everyone wants more crypto but may not be thinking about the daily changes that could get them more fiat; ultimately more crypto.

Instead of buying coffee, make it from home .

Quit buying brand name overpriced crap.

Don’t order out as much(end up skinnier too so win/win)

Stretch the shit out of everything. That last bit of toothpaste may be worth a share of your crypto who knows.

Don’t buy ice make it

Set up a monthly budget and be aware of your financial situation.

Just a few examples but every penny will matter in the long run. Wouldn’t you hate to think 20 years from now if I had only been a little more disciplined, I’d have a new lambo and not this used 2038. Just something for people to keep in mind to maximize their portfolio.

Edit: ok if you wanna buy coffee buy it. If you make it you’ll save 100s per year. On coffee. Second I never said don’t have fun. These are suggestions for ppl to think about to get them to realize things they pay extra for they could be doing themselves. And like I said buy all the coffee you want

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