Cryptocurrency Trivia is BACK today at 6p CT (midnight UTC)! 850 MOONs to the winners!


Two months since the last one, Cryptocurrency Trivia is BACK! 6:00p CT / midnight UTC

Livestream link:

Submit questions

^ This will help you win and will save me time. Make sure the questions are really good though or I won’t use them!

Answer cryptocurrency questions correctly to win r/CryptoCurrency MOONs!

This will be played with Kahoot, so it’s best played with Kahoot on your phone (web or app) and the YouTube stream on your computer or TV. Questions now show up on the Kahoot device also, which significantly lowers the issue of livestream delay. Join Kahoot with your Reddit username. You do not need to change your YouTube username (you don’t even need one, but I will watch the YouTube chat). Your Reddit account must have posted in this subreddit before the event to qualify for awards.

Any other questions, ask below. I’m counting on good user submitted questions this time, which make this event far easier to host.

1st place: 500 MOON. 2nd: 250. 3rd: 100.

Good luck!

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