Cryptocurrency Subreddits sorted by Membership (Final Version)


Hey all, thanks for your excellent suggestions and feedback! This was a fun project.

This is my final version for now, I might update in a month or so after the data has time to change. I added in the suggestions I got that were not way off the bottom of the chart and rounded out the list to include all top 100 coins PLUS any other subreddits I knew of over 50,000 members.

I also added hyperlinks to the CMC listing and the subreddit, but those won’t work here so I have included links to a PDF version and a Google Sheet that will work. It is up to you whether that feels safe to click.

Apologies to the Loopring fans who were the most glaring omission last time, I got ya in there this time (#18, not too bad). Sorry if I missed anyone else deserving.


Google Sheet:

List of Cryptocurrency subreddits sorted by number of members

Best wishes all.

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