Cryptocurrency Sub-Reddit is #1 growing communities today! BULLISH!


From unpopular opinions that are actually popular, to 10,000 comment coin shilling threads, this sub has it all — and I’m so damn proud to be a part of it.

You guys have taught me so much about the world of cryptocurrencies, taught me how to do my own research, made me laugh….and most importantly made me a shit-tonne of money!

Even when this sub was a little more rampant (pre-cap), a 50,000+ comment post would still be full of happy, helpful people. Everyone I’ve dealt with so far has been respectful and willing to help the newbies out, which is something I can’t say for a lot of other subs I browse on my alternate account.

Keep doing what you’re doing guys. The fact so many people want to join speaks volumes about the community y’all have created. Moons has most definitely been a reason behind a lot of people joining, which is awesome because when you check out — you can see how generous everyone here is. We are literally giving money away….and we don’t care!

Oh and we love Sneks!

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