Cryptocurrency is turning me into an Anarchist


Banks exist to profit from the savings of people who don’t know enough or can’t afford to invest in appreciating assets. It would be one thing if they were better regulated but they’re all over the place advertising and sucking people in.

Meanwhile – legitimately benevolent Web3 developers are creating DAOs like Olympus and Invictus to pass on the ACTUAL benefit accrued with better business practices and community minded banking.

Well that’s fine we can just use DAOs to accumulate enough wealth to steamroll the current banking system right?

Heck no.

Governments are now flailing about, taxing the ever living crap out of successful Web3 investors.

If this was in good faith and they were actually trying to protect us or use the profits effectively it would be fine. It really just feels like it’s out of confusion and fear of decentralization though?

Are these sentiments inundating anyone else as they start diving deep into these pools of discounted DeFi entry points?

Do I need to tame my inner-anarchist before I start taking profits? I’m worried arson will make its way onto the table if I don’t act.

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