Cryptocurrencies will not kill banks, but cryptocurrencies provide an alternative to people which will force banks to improve conditions for their customers


Like it or not, the banks are here and they are not going anywhere. They will always be here, doing their job which is fine.

As much as cryptocurrencies have an impact on people, and therefore on banks, it is the governments that will not allow banks to fail.

There will always be people who will use the banks.

But due to the influence and growth of cryptocurrencies, banks will have to change their way of business.

They will have to improve the conditions for their clients, because people now have an alternative, and that alternative sounds good. There are already people who have most of their money in cryptocurrencies, but all of them leave some in the bank or in fiat in case something with crypto goes wrong.

Banks have been deeply ingrained in our society and our system for a long time.

It takes time to crypto do the same but it will happen.

If banks are going to go to war with cryptocurrencies, let them go. We know very well that nothing can happen to them, and competitive and evolving financial system benefits us all.

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