Cryptocom’s CRO token has surpassed SHIBA INU in Market Cap for the #12th spot. New ATH at $0.94


Technically it already had a higher fully diluted market cap but this makes it official with the circulating supply. It’s great to see a coin with actual utility reaching the top after a year with meme coins taking most of the spotlight.

Congratulations to all CRO holders for the gains after waiting patiently for so long. I hope some of you new CRO holders managed to get some solid gains as well. I knew this was a project I wanted to invest into after seeing their aggressive marketing strategy, as well as their staking benefits to keep investors inside the ecosystem.

Despite the gains, i’m not selling any of my CRO as i’m enjoying the sweet 10% APR and visa card benefits. It’s still amazing to see a coin you’ve been holding for so long finally take off. What are you planning to do with your bag?

A little tip:

-If you stake CRO in their Defi Wallet APP you can get 12.8% returns.

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