“Crypto winter” something that scares me and excites me at the same time. Personally I think a bear market(-80%) will never come, but should I have a plan for it? Cause if bear market do comes, I’m going all in.


Alot of people in this sub only talk about how a crypto crash like 14 and 18 could happen in 22. Apparently in a bear market, everything could go down -80%, which is insanely scary af.

Personally I think crash like those won’t happen cause as bitcoin and other crypto are widely accepted compared to 2018. Everyday new people get into crypto.

But if it does happen, think of the opportunity for us low amount investors.

I’ve been keeping aside a definite amount specifically for dips(more than -45%) cause I don’t wanna miss the dip due to not having money.

What do you guys think? Will crypto winter come? If it does, how do you view it? As a nightmare or godly gift?

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