Crypto will not be globally adopted until it’s easy, fast, accepted by most if not all companies, and to some extent CENTRALIZED


I know I know, the main point of crypto is decentralization, but in the current market, usability wins big time.

My grandma won’t use crypto until she can pay for groceries with it.

My uncle won’t use crypto until he can send bitcoin to his contacts without having to stress over tens of addresses with scrambled characters impossible to memorize.

My niece won’t use it until it’s as fast as an app or a website launching on her computer.

And I’m 1% of my whole family tree who manages to use crypto in the decentralized, yet bone chilling way.

Thing is, CEXes have been much more successful at implementing these necessities than DEXes. We either need DEXes that are ACTUALLY for the average joe, or we have to support CEXes when it comes to pushing adoption forward.

Decentralized solutions for this trilemma, on the other hand, would be the preferred future of crypto, and I think every project should strive to make it safer, easier, and quicker.

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