Crypto Wallet Treasure Hunt?


Hypothetically speaking, if I put a 1 entire Bitcoin on a physical wallet along with the keys and made a treasure hunt out of it would you participate in trying to locate the wallet?

There would be hints as to where the location of the wallet would be within a weather-resistant box. However, it would be vague enough in a poem format to make it difficult to find. I was inspired by Forrest Fenn who was an art collector and writer who passed in September of 2020. He provided only a poem and several hints online as to where the location of a $2 million dollar treasure would be. The treasure hunt started in 2010 and several people have died trying to look for this treasure. Ultimately, the treasure was found several months before he passed in June 2020. The idea would be for this to take a years to find.

Would 1 whole Bitcoin be enticing enough for you or others to make a trek to go look for it in your opinion? Additionally, would this be a good idea of a modern day treasure hunt? Are there any concerns that you would have with this? I always like playing a good game. 🙂

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