Crypto news websites need to step up their game if they want to be taken seriously


Every day I go through a few crypto outlets to keep up to date, and I often see something along the lines of, “Author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ says that Bitcoin has a bright future”.

That’s no different than a BuzzFeed article saying that Johnny Depp bought a hotdog, or Ariana Grande crossed the street.

Who cares!? That’s not newsworthy.

Then I scroll down to see some schmuck telling me that x coin can reach y price by the end of z year, while giving no justification other than hopium and some baseless TA nonsense.

Stupid clickbait headlines are mixed together with relevant news, and that gives these sites a very amateurish outlook, which is bad for the space. That would be ok if it was just a few sites, but mist seem to operate in this way.

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