Crypto motivated me to get a better job


Tomorrow, I start a new career that I probably wouldn’t have if it weren’t for crypto.

For the past two and a half years I’ve been working in a dead end job that had no room for growth, was pretty meaningless to me, and didn’t pay well. Why? Because it was easy and I was comfortable. I’ve never had a lot of motivation to do anything in my life.

Investing in crypto and leaning about how much potential is in blockchain technology has literally motivated me to work harder to get a better job so I can buy more crypto. It’s my hope that not only will this be a positive investment, but that it will continue to motivate me to make a better life for myself.

This all may sound ridiculous but any improvement is good and I’ll take motivation where I can get it.

A big thank you to this community for all the positivity and education. I view this subreddit as the absolute cornerstone of the crypto space for better or for worse, I love you guys and gals.

Have a good day and I hope all your coins go to the moon.

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