Crypto markets are now on “Extreme Fear (25)” What does this mean:


The fear and greed index is on a scale of 0-100, where 0 represents extreme fear, and 100 represents extreme greed on the market.

Crypto Fear & Greed, is currently at 25, which puts us in the “Extreme Fear” category. Mind you, the last time we saw these levels were at the May crash. So what does this all mean?

Well… It means that there will be some great discounts on our favoroute coins! Like no- i’m not trying to inject anyone hopium or positivity or something. There *probably will be a huge dip and im ready to accumulate as much Crypto as I can!

I lived the same thing with the May crash as well. Never understood why we call them *Crash. Like, so negative for a huge wholesale discount…

Jokes aside, it would be no surprise if markets decide to take a deep dive for some time with the current indicators. When it does, simply get your Fiat, and pray the Crypto Gods that it won’t dip further!

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