Crypto market is brutal AF


The whole Crypto market is very brutal,just look at the prices of some coins,exactly a year ago the same coins were going up non-stop,everyone just wanted to buy it so that they wouldn’t miss out the gains.

Look at the same coins now, they are falling non-stop, some of them like

SOL was over $200,now it’s just $40

XTZ was over $8,now it’s just $1.8

AVAX was over $80,now it’s $24

During that time,any post about any coin was so promising, the readers would feel like they are buying at real cheap prices.

I have seen the crashes in the past,but couldn’t wrap my head around this uncertainty in prices,a year ago the price of x coin over $200 was looking good entry, now not many people interested in buying when it’s under $40.

Seems like Crypto is not for faint hearts.

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