Crypto is the reason I’ll get to build myself house :)


Crypto earned me enough of a down payment pre-Covid to buy a home, and I had begun the process of doing it. But the then the housing market when all crazy and I’ve had to wait. Turns out this was a blessing in disguise because I’ve saved up even more since then. Now I’ll get to build my dream home from the ground up. I just want to thank all of you for the wisdom over the years. I never would have gotten in if it wasn’t for you.

PS I’m not pulling out of all my crypto investments. At this point I could never.

PPS since people are asking I started investing in 2017 with quite a lot of different coins and made a lot from iota and nano. My portfolio is much simpler now in only btc, eth and lrc. Gives me peace of mind since I have more to lose.

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