Crypto is not your only chance


There are a couple post here that has the sentiment that crypto is the only road to riches. Given crypto’s astounding track record and astronomical returns, it is not hard to see why. However this mentality is dangerous and limiting, as there are other viable investment opportunities out there. I am not dismissing crypto’s endless potential as crypto has a decent proportion in my investment portfolio.

Stocks, along with Bonds, are traditionally the slow and steady road to riches. The great thing about stocks is that even though it seems scary with so many different companies to choose from, there is no need to go in deep as simply buying an index fund ETF like S&P500 or MSCI World Index has shown to perform better than the average managed funds. There are definitely opportunities to pick stocks on companies that you understand well and get solid returns, but like I said, there’s no need for it as a simple passive investing strategy of buying ETFs consistently over time will suffice. Even though the returns aren’t as stellar as crypto, it is much less volatile and has a much longer proven record of over more than hundred of years of long term returns. Instead of throwing everything into crypto, it’s better to have some allocation into stock/bonds for diversification.

Investing in yourself, learning new marketable skills like design, coding, marketing etc., getting a trade certification, buying workout equipment, getting a gym membership is also be highly valuable as improving yourself not only allow you to earn more, which you can then invest more into crypto, and having a more fulfilled and more healthy lifestyle will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your investment and labour.

There are also plenty of other investing options like real estate, gold/silver, and starting your own business, each with their own characteristics and risk/reward that can be considered too. Like the internet and crypto, who knows what innovative new opportunity is going to arise?

My point is crypto is not the only road to riches, and it is important to keep an open mind and take up any opportunities that arises, but don’t forget to do your due diligence at all times, or like this sub like to call it, DYOR.

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