Crypto is not as user or beginner-friendly as you think


When you interact with newbies and try to walk them through their first crypto purchase, setting up a wallet, and DeFi stuff like staking, farming, or lending of crypto, you’ll discover that crypto is not beginner-friendly at all.

There are just too many steps and processes. And if you want to be anonymous and protect your privacy, it gets even more complicated.

For example, think of all the steps involved in the following…

Buying your first crypto on any platform or exchange Moving it to your own wallet Staking, farming, providing liquidity with it Withdrawing and cashing out your rewards or original funds to fiat

For us experienced users who’ve been doing it for much longer, the processes can seem simple and easy, but certainly not for beginners.

There’s still a long road for crypto to be easy to access and use by the regular joe and for us to reach the much-coveted mass adoption.

So the next time you see a beginner who seems to be doing things sluggishly, be kind and give them proper guidance.

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