Crypto is not a means to avoid taxes but a way to return accountability to an reckless government.


Government spending is out of control in the USA. Trillions on wars no one wants. Trillions in debt from wars no one wants. Congress always gets raises. Minimum wage hasn’t changed in forty years. Big banks get bailouts while Americans get homelessness. And yet there’s not enough money to provide healthcare to the people.

We are run by a club of individuals who pass laws from which they’re exempt and spend money that does not exist. They do not care about what is actually good for their constituents. But rather who can better fill their personal piggy banks which they call “campaign funds” used for flying in chartered jets and underage prostitutes.

The USA needs to face the facts: Americans, you are not being governed—you’re being ruled over. I don’t care what trendy “eat the rich” crap your favorite congressman’s social media manager posts on Twitter—congress is the problem. Try government is the problem.

Being able to selectively pay taxes is a way to sit Uncle Sam in the corner for being a naughty boy and tell him he won’t get dessert until he starts behaving properly.

Crypto brings financial power back to the people. If you don’t see that then go take your fiat and leave.

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