Crypto is going to go parabolic soon and I’m not sure everyone is ready. Please have a plan.


Would you be ready to make some difficult financial decisions in a few months after your investment potentially returns 10x what you initially put in?

Is it actually safe sitting there wherever you’ve parked it?

There are an incredible amount of scams out there especially when the crypto market is pumping up. Do you think your holdings are secure sitting around on your phone or some seedy “high yield” site?

Are you informed on your local tax laws and regulations regarding capital gains?

You don’t want the tax man knocking at your door a year or so after you potentially made quite a bit of money (and they will want interest)

Figure out what things will be the best for you to invest in your life. It could be a car, or maybe a house, or maybe money for school and college or a trade.

I want to see the majority of you here succeed but it can be quite daunting controlling your own money where if you misstep it could all go away instantly.

I see us testing new ATH’s like crazy and those “insane” price predictions may not look so wild in a couple months. I’ve been in the space for a long time and this run has a lot of room to grow especially considering what’s happening in the wider legacy markets and housing.

Stay informed and smart friends! There are some great things cooking up for you if you stay level headed and make a plan.

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