Crypto Influencers are shady


When I was new to the crypto space, I tried to be a sponge sucking up all of the information I could. However, back then I was naive and listened to influencers.

Now to those who have been here for awhile this seems blatantly obvious, but for newbies it might not.

Influencers.Often.Get.Paid.To.Shill. Projects.

Being on Twitter so often as well, I’m starting to think people are also getting paid to spread FUD… yes believe or not this is going on in the crypto space right now.

Do your own damn research. Influencers don’t care about you and are only pumping their bags and doing what’s best for them.

Do some of them have decent information? Sure, but stay far away from price predictions. Stay faaaar away. So many people got rekt because every influencer said BTC was going to 100k EOY 2021.

In the comments, I’d like you guys to list methods where one can do their own research.

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there!

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