Crypto influencers are not your friends and they are not giving you a secret “once in a lifetime” chance to get rich.


BitBoy crypto, DIY investing, Crypto Homie, MMCrypto and many others didn’t get rich because of their superior technical analysis or knowledge of the universe and beyond. Names of the channels kinda give it out but they aren’t who you should be listening to. They got here to make profits off your losses and to get funded by sponsors of their videos/posts/analysis etc.

A LOT if not most of high profile crypto youtubers are simply covert pump and dump schemes.

Remember the Phantasma video that BitBoy did? Yea, something like that. Buy cheap, sell while your followers bought a significant amount and then dump it for profit and never mention it again in your videos.

Kardashian shilling shitcoin Ethereum MAX? No-one was held responsible for the money that people lost in that. And how much did Kardashian got paid by the devs of Eth MAX? A shitton.

Then you have semi-influencers like Willy Woo who is still predicting 1 million BTC by the end of year.

I did my share of shitty decisions and actually bought a small amount of Aldrin finance that was shilled beyond anything that was ever shilled by CryptoBanter Ran. It went from about 8$ to 2$. Was it ever mentioned again? Nop. Not once.

And don’t think that those several hundred or thousand dollar giveaways are real. Most if not all are fake. Don’t trust those who say that “its the last chance to get rich” or “this will go parabolic”. Its a façade for their own interests. And they have one interest. To get truly, nasty rich despite how many bodies they leave behind their destructive wake.

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