Crypto has no top, because fiat has no bottom.


And when I say this I mostly target Bitcoin. It’s easy to realize that money is printed to oblivion every passing year, inflation is real, and many experts suggest that hyperinflation is just around the corner. 20$ would get you much more stuff 5 years ago then now. Or look at housing market now and back then. Hard pill to swallow but 1.000.000$ isn’t “made it” amount for many people nowadays.

What am I trying to say: if you held 100k$ from 2011. to 2021. you’re down mate. Can’t buy a same house anymore for that money. But if you held some good stock or crypto, you made it.

Buying Bitcoin (as best example) isn’t get rich quick or ponzi scheme, it’s just saving your money from inflation. There was and it will be dips here and there, but you always win the marathon. Cheers.

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