Crypto has “died” 448 times. Why do we have to say this every time? Crypto will live to “die” again, and again, and again.


Just like the stock market. I mean, some coins/tokens/use cases will die. But not crypto as a whole.

Maybe it’s just journalism, I see articles which basically sum up to “crypto is dying/dead” with the recent crashing.

Some due to NFTs, people losing their life savings due to scams, etc – but let’s not forget, this has always been happening. When things crash, more attention is brought to it.

Crypto/Bitcoin has died 448 times. Click here to see a chart of all of those occasions, including recently.

Obviously the content of the link above is sort of a joke, but it highlights trends in journalism in the crypto market. They’re always the same.

Every time, the failure of crypto is discussed. But what remains? There are still solid projects building themselves in the midst of this crash, and Bitcoin is still above it’s 2017 ATH. If we bottom there, we’re in good shape. Hell, even if it was half of that (but I don’t think that’ll happen).

When everything crashes, among scams, NFT jpegs, etc, there is still utility and strength in crypto. If you’re in, you know where to look.

Journalism like that may get to your average joe, but don’t let it get to you.

Crypto is here to stay. Sit back and relax, it’s died many times before.

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