Crypto feels like the last hope.


As a millennial I feel like the world is against us. Homes cost 10x what our parents paid while wages have barly increased. The cost of living is becoming insane or rather is insane. Even with a well paying job I find myself living check to check and in credit card debt. I invest what I can into crypto while trying to manage my debt the best I can. A 9-5 is never going to allow me to become “well off”. I have maybe earned a few nickles from a savings account thanks to the amazing 0.01% interests rates our banks give. I’ve earned more staking coins this year than the last 28 years of my life in a savings account. My 401k gets about 10% a year but this is nowhere enough to retire with the insane increase of living costs. I hope we can all break free from the corruption the system. Crypto is here to stay and it will save us all.

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