Crypto enthusiasts and communities highly overestimate their impact on adoption


There are countless posts which somehow link crypto adoption to public opinion, medial coverage, or “trust”.

This shows a lack of understanding what actual crypto adoption is and how technological adoption works.

First, crypto adoption doesn’t mean to increase the number of doggy coin buying gamblers on Binance. Or more speculators lending tokens on Celsius.

Mass adoption means that user-friendly systems for the everyday purpose are built on blockchain platforms. People then use those systems without thinking twice about how they internally work. How many users of Email services ever looked into SMTP ?

Or maybe you remember when the global SWIFT system had its mass adoption phase, and how excited their community was ? …

No ? …

Me neither …

The future layout of our financial systems will be determined by a small group of high level developers. They will decide on what platform they built and how functionalities are implemented.

When was the last time when you were asked about your personal opinion on the internal functionality of a system that you are using ?

Please stop this narrative that the average Joe’s opinion or trust will have any influence on the adoption of blockchain technology.

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