Crypto Entering A Parabolic Phase. Where We Are At In This Bull Run.


We’re in the yellow circle right now, right about the time of the previous two legendary bull runs of 2013 and 2017 in the last quarter. Almost to the same week. In the case of bitcoin it looks like it has a game plan and follow it to make the fans go wild. Head coach Satoshi will be very proud sitting on the sidelines watching his boy wonder perform. Watching the whole crypto team perform.

So what heights we going to reach this bull run, 6 figures minimum for sure. Based on us already sitting on 60k now on 62K don’t see why we won’t see a top of 250k and then a retrace back to 100k. I was lucky enough to be in the 2017 run, and for those experiencing for the first time this time round its going wild. You learn from experience, and I will learn from the last bull run what goes up parabolic comes back down, so might have to consider taking some profits.

Good luck to all holders, enjoy whats about to come this next few months. Not fin advice, my personal dose of hopium, DYOR and so on.

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