Crypto encyclopedia: volume 1


Altcoin: Not Bitcoin, a coin that is not as good as bitcoin but not so as bad as a shitcoin.

Buy the dip: The process of doubling down on your stupidity. Buying a nosediving asset hoping that it would go up, only to watch it dive ten more times.

Blockchain: A digital ledger which keeps the track of all your mistakes and failures by recording them on ten thousand data nodes.

DAO: decentralized autonomous organization. An organization which gives the governing power to individual users who are either too small to hit the voting threshold, too lazy to vote on or too stupid to understand it. DAO takes away the power from a small group of shareholders and gives it a small group of whales.

DCA: Dollar cost averaging. The method of losing your money over time instead of immediately. A great technique to make your loses more bearable by doing them mathematically.

Defi: Decentralized finance. A totally revolutionary system which replaces banking by literally being a less secure, uninsured version of it.

Fiat: Money. A paper made by dead trees, hell’s coal, children’s tear and corporate greed. The process of making value out of the thin air by using a printing machine. Everyone hates it yet craves it.

Fork: Screwing your investors over by making their investment a thing of the past. Replacing your old mistakes by a new, much worst one.

Ps: there will be more volumes if you folks like it.

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