’s CRO just reached a new ATH above $0.40 shortly after Cronos went live


We all know that has been doing all the right things lately: PR, Marketing, Sponsorships, Partnerships, Matt Damon as the public face of the Cronos launch, etc.

But despite the surprise decision by Coinbase to launch’s competitor coin last week and the +70%, the best is yet to come as Cronos launched this morning and sent the price to yet another new ATH above $0.40.

I posted earlier this morning about the new DEXes, Yield Finance and NFT marketplaces launching on Cronos today and this week, but it seems I missed one key detail: the Bridge between the DeFi Wallet and Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc is due to be live in the next few hours, meaning it will be possible to stake coins on the new Decentralised CRO Exchanges and provide Liquidity, etc.

This CROsphere has many similarities to the launch of Binance’s BNB and we all know what happened shortly after that…

It’s a glorious Monday with BTC, ETH and CRO all recording stellar gains, but as usual DYOR and remember to take profits on the way up.

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