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I work in advertising sales at one of the largest media & entertainment companies on the planet. We closed a 1-year deal this week with CRO. Without sharing the exact number, I will say that their marketing spend is the single largest 1-year deal I’ve ever worked on in my 8-year career working with 400+ domestic & international advertisers. Their campaign kicks off next week & runs thru 2022 on National TV, digital, etc. If they’re spending this much on our networks, that means they’re likely spending just as much with the other major media networks/companies/platforms. Factor that in with their [former] Staples Center arena naming deal and their partnerships with UFC, Formula One, etc.. and you’ve got one of the largest marketing spends in recent history. I would not be surprised if they break some type of record for 1-year media spends. If isn’t already household name, I am absolutely certain that the size of their 2022 marketing campaign will make them one early next year. As the crypto space continues to trend upward in terms of mainstream adaption, my only hope is that casual first-time crypto investors will turn to if they want to dip their toes in the crypto space. They’re literally gonna see their ads everywhere. It’ll be natural. I’m not sure what that’ll do to the price/value of CRO (I’m no crypto expert) but I’d like to think their marketing efforts will yield positive results.

Disclaimer: Been a passive follower of this subreddit for a little while. Just paid & signed up to be a member today so that I could post. This is literally my first post ever. Just figured I’d share some info I think may be somewhat valuable to the community. Everyone knows has spent a lot to get their name out there, but I don’t think most people really know how much. Just wanted to really put into perspective how massive their 2022 (& beyond) marketing campaign will be. Literally record breaking…

Edit: Also want to add that I’m currently involved in a similar 1-year negotiation with Coinbase, but their 2022 spend (with my company) is like pennies in comparison to

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