just overtook Tiktok in the google play store – Why is it so populara?


Hello guys,

im a big fan of I use Kraken as my main exchange because they are secure and i trust them. I like the way the app is designed and the support is amazing aswell.

However they lack the stacking opportunities CDC has. The main reason is im using it as a second exchange is the Debit Card.

In germany gaining 2% cashback is actually quite a lot. For example AMEX offers 0,5%, Amazon aswell (more if you order on amazon). Those deals literally just suck.

With the ruby card (350 Euro Stake) i get 2% Cashback and Spotify cashback worth 10,63 every month.

That alone is like 36% Return a year (!).

With recent events (coinbase listing) overpassed Tiktok in the play store. They really stepping up the marketing game with formula 1, UFC partnerships and a lot coming up. Q4 is about to be wild and they promised us.

I bought in at 9cents and was like, Damn im late. However i tripled my money within 8 months and the card works flawless. I just buy groceries and fuel with it.

If you have any more questions im happy to answer them. My honest opinion is that this card is a no brainer for EU (cuz we somehow arent involved with great cashback deals like the US)

Cheers, David

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