is price gouging on transfer fees, BIG time, about 15x and 154x more than coinbase, is this a red flag?


This is incredibly super shady and is going to make me think twice when using app platform again. Right now, 12:10 pm PST time I’m trying to withdraw ETH and BTC.

On it has it ETH listed as 0.36 USD. Even on their own CDC defi app the meter is at all time low of 12.

However when I tried to withdraw, the fee was 0.004 for ETH which is 4.30 USD. I thought it was a mistake so I went to coinbase and tried withdrawing and it was 0.000252 ETH, so 0.27 USD. The price difference here is literally 15x difference WTF?

Ok tried bitcoin instead. On it wants to charge me 0.0006 that translate into 11.59 USD. On coinbase its 0.00000388 , 0.075 cents USD. WTF WTF. Even on a busy weekday coinbase was about .25 cents and these fuckers wants to charge 11.59 ?

Here is as summary


estimated on 0.36 USD 4.30 USD coinbase 0.27 USD

Bitcoin 11.59 USD coinbase 0.075 USD

I think this is very concerning. Maybe they are just trying to price gouge however I’m wondering if they are purposely making it unattractive to withdraw for some nefarious reason – what they worry about?

This is very mess up and people should really consider this point when trying

TLDR: app is charging 15x and 154x more in withdrawal fees ( eth, BTC respectively ) then coinbase or other projected price from public sites. We are talking about 7 cents compared to 11.59 dollars here so its not a trivial rounding error.

– sorry for the spelling/grammar I’m so mad right now I can’t even type correctly.

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