Crypto as the great emancipator: how crypto Made me realize that the lack of financial education in high school is per design.


I know it may seem pretty conspiratorial but I really think that the status quo benefits from people not investing their money.

Where I live (In France), only 6% of the population own shares. Most people use interest accounts and more than 5000 Billions were on saving accounts in 2017 Source and have will soon be at 6000 Billion Euros. (Yes this number is true and terrifying.)

All this money doesn’t work much, and even worse, it is losing value each year Source

No one taught us in school how personal finance works. I feel like this is one of the most important skill to navigate our world and nobody is teaching it.

Crypto is emancipation because it makes us realize how the deck is stacked in favor of the richest and teach us that investment is the true factor of social mobility.

I wish people knew about investing because in France we are far behind and I know crypto will be the great financial emancipator because we will learn how to navigate the financial world and learn about tools to do so.

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