Crypto: 10+ years to reach $1T. ~10 months to reach $3T


The total crypto market cap crossed over $3T for the first time ever this morning.

I often see threads where people are like crypto will never catch on unless…. When you all see this, just remember crypto as an asset class was invented barely more than 10 ten years ago and it’s already a $3T market cap asset. And it’s really important to know that it didn’t hit $1T until 2021. In one year the entire asset class has more than 3x its worth!

Whenever you see people like crypto will never catch on unless… it’s already caught on. There is no “unless”. Always ask what #s they’re seeing that suggest there’s an “unless” in the picture. E-commerce didn’t hit $3T ~10 years after the invention of the internet. We’re in the fastest growing sector ever and people are trying to convince you there’s no growth or adoption. Just remember the reality of it… faster growth than e-commerce, which changed the world, being spun as the industry spinning in its tracks going nowhere.

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