CRO is not the same as Squid Coin or any other shit coins shilled here.


So now we have a ton of CRO shilling. Enter all the people who have missed out. Not sure why they are so against it.

This is not a poo coin or meme coin being pumped by Musk. It’s a coin attached to a large exchange that just recently acquired the naming rights to the Staples Center (One of the most famous stadiums).

Again. CRO is not a shit coin. It’s not a meme coin. So we have a legit coin with great growing potential that now ppl are being turned off by all the shilling?

If you jumped into shit coins then this is a no brainer. Marketing is KEY.

Marketing made ppl jump into lots of pointless projects. Here we have a legit exchange with a legit token.

The only thing bringing down CRO will be Crypto dot com being shut down. Just with the new stadium and Matt Damon ? I highly doubt it.


Edit: To clarify. Not saying ppl think it’s a shitcoin but that ppl who bought shitcoins may be hesitant to invest in a currently heavily shilled coin.

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