CRO and the bullish news and demand that is comming.


CRO has recently pumped due to the marketing campaings and the release of the Cronos chain. However, CRO is also used to get the cards, as well as to reduce the fees on the exchange.

On a summer AMA‘s CEO, Kris, stated that the exchange for USA customers (a proper exchange not the app) will come in Q4 of 2021. This will create demand for the coin, in order to get new cards, and fee discounts

Well end of Q4 is approaching and the exchange isn’t here yet. So when will it drop. Well my speculation is the 25th of december. That’s the day they present Arena to the world (old Staples Center) and in a recent teaser/ad the runaway had a number 25.

This is pure speculation but they have put easter eggs in their ads before and the date is in Q4 when they said they were releasing the exchange, and it coincides with the Arena ignauguration. Not FA but buy the rumour sell the news.

TLDR: exchange probably comming in the 25th of December.

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