Countries banning crypto won’t stop crypto in the same way countries banning the internet won’t stop the internet. It will just give that country’s citizens disadvantages.


That’s really all there is to it. The crypto cat is already out of the bag. Most governments are already coming to grips with this and leaning towards regulation because they know how it ends. Then there are authoritarian regimes who will let crypto pass their citizens by and try to control it centrally. Enter CBDC and the like.

These CBDC will interact with all the blockchains that the free world gets to enjoy because they have to to partake in a global economy. CBDC won’t stop crypto just enslave citizens of various countries to their central powers while decentralized currencies become mainstream.

Ban all you want. Prohibition only last so long. The war on cryptocurrency will end the same way the war on drugs played out. Drugs won.

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