Could this sub have gotten it right for once? I love you all.


You all said that the pump wasn’t over. You said it hadn’t even truly started. It looks like you may be right. You all said that the money flows into BTC and ETH first. It looks like you might be right. You all said that the money flows into alts after the blue chip pump. I sincerely hope you are right.

It is SO hard to know what to believe here. The sentiment can swing from euphoria to doom in the span of 24 hours. I wanted SO badly to hedge my bets and convert some of my positions into stables because when everyone is saying bull, it’s likely a bear is right around the corner. I didn’t. I believed in you all. I let my positions ride and I’m up.

You all say that this was just the beginning of the pump. I SO badly want you all to be right. I haven’t swapped my coins for pumping memecoins like SHIB, FLOKI or any other INU coin. I have kept my positions and held the line while they crabbed like stablecoins. I haven’t FOMOed into LRC, SOL (but boy I wish I did months ago), CRO or any other coins that get all the love here. I held the line.

It feels SO good. I mean even LTC is gaining which is both hilarious and wholesome. I have renewed hope that you might be right again. I believe that alts could pump next. But the good alts. The girl next door alts. The alts who you fell in love with in the first place and never left you alts.

I love you all for being so stubborn and refusing to be shaken out of your positions. I love you all for holding the line. I’m getting drunk tonight and lighting a green candle. Enjoy the pumps hodlers. You’re all legends.

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