Costco hotdog stable coin (hotdoge)


With all the issues with stable coins these days with frauds running around, we need something we can trust. It has to be auditable from outside sources at any time.

From the beginning Costco hotdogs were $1.50. They are still $1.50. They are pegged to that value always. No matter what fiat is doing around the world. Gas price 3x in a year.

1 hotdoge = 1 hotdog

And if that wasn’t good enough it comes with a drink.

No more worries of your coin decoupling. It’s tried, it’s true, it’s hotdoge.

“It’s backed by real meat!”*

These claims have not been verified by the FDA.

Roadmap for 2022:

Air drops of free samples from elderly ladies coming this fall. Children’s accounts must be supervised by parent for legal reasons.

Kosher certified by December.

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