COPE a token built on Solana Ecosystem, their Devs Team sold 10% of supply on market sending price down to -77% then they came to Discord apologizing for the dip because they had to keep devs team going through during this tough time.


Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. COPE is built on Solana Ecosystem I visited their site so you don’t have to

Earn COPE through staking across pools in the Solana ecosystem such as on Raydium and Orca and upcoming COPE Trading Pools. Stake in Sollet/Phantom (on-chain) wallet to earn more COPE and become claimants in spacedrops.

Here’s the chart after their devs team sold 10% of the supply on market.

Then he came to Discord apologizing for the dip.

This is was his response:

Sorry guys he needed the money.

Don’t worry this doesn’t stop here it gets shittier

Thank you for funding Devs pocket, Cope Holders.

His Explanation “got to keep dev team going through this hard time”

A Twitter user posted this:

Daily reminder that Cyrii owned the majority of the $cope supply in his wallet and it never bothered anyone He also claimed he’d burn a ton and never did, instead he sold it now


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