Content Theft: Some people are copy&pasting whole articles from news pages or blogs and posting them as text posts to avoid the 90% karma loss.


I have noticed that several times before. I won’t call out any users or posts but so many posts I have seen were just 1:1 copies of articles that appeared on other news pages. Most of the time there is no credit given.

Sometimes you can find the authors name somewhere at the end. But given the circumstance that probably 60% of all only read the titles and the first words, nearly noone notices that.

For the ones that don’t know: All posts that are just a link to an external webpage are automatically flaired “media”. Media posts (and comedy) only get 10% karma for moons. By converting the article into a text, it no longer counts as a media post and you can avoid the karma penalty.

If someone cites (or completely copies) a news article written by another author, it should be made very clear right at the beginning. Either as a note in the beginning of the text, or by simply linking the original news article!

Otherwise, this seems like a fishy way to avoid karma rules and farm more moons! Please don’t do that! Give credit when you use other people’s thoughts and words.

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