Congress got a crash course on cryptocurrency.


I’m not going to dive deep into all the details but I watched and heard most of today’s hearing and thought it went fairly well except for one or two old dinosaur clowns who wanted to be funny and just brought negativity.

The short is this.

Gary Gensler took a beating. The witnesses and some members of the committee over emphasized the need to less interpretation but instead more guidance being needed by the SEC. To no ones surprise Replublicans argued that regulation would move this tech away from America. Democrats argued defending and protecting consumers. (please spare us all your personal feeling toward party) we just don’t care. The lady who called the hearing is concerned how fast the industry is growing and is bothered by celebrities endorsing crypto. I agree with her on the 2nd part. We don’t need these clowns on tik tok or you tube telling people to invest on etheruem max for the ir one shot to the moon. BTW whatever happened to that shit coin? The big topic was stable coins and we knew this. There was also talk of a CBDC but stablecoins were the hot potato talk. That seems to rub some of these old people wrong. Personally I thought many of the MoC were prepared and had done their research. Some even seemed excited to be discussing and learning about block chain, Stable coins, bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, FTX and more. They even talked NFT’s. I wished they had gotten deeper into DEFI. I have a feeling that is coming. I thought the FX dude killed it. HE was smart, sharp, educated and didn’t miss a beat. I hope next time they invite Vitalek!

Anyway. The hearing left me optimistic. I think the future is bright and we will own it. Keep buying those effing dips and HODL to Jupiter. We are on our way!

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