Congratulations Newcomers! If you have managed to keep it cool during dips like this, then you are ready for the real thing. The recipe for success is easy: staying Ice Cold no matter what the market conditions look like!


First thing first: This dip is a normal thing in crypto that happens regularly, and congrats to all of you that are sticking to your original plan and strategy during these market conditions. Crypto is tempting, and you will face a lot of challenges during your journey to success.

Many of you have successfully managed not to dive in into FOMO once the price is going up for your favorite coin, but this test is even more important, if you see dips like this and you have no emotions whatsoever attached while witnessing such a thing…then congrats! You are one step closer to become a true Hodler and a successful crypto master.

This is just the beginning, and you will see a lot of flash sales, greed will skyrocket and you will be tempted to FOMO into your coin, but there will be also times when the dip is so hard that we have to share instructions about hotlines for the desperate newcomers that couldn’t resist emotions.

But right now, if you managed to stay cool…kudos to you. You are one step closer to success. Because there is one important thing to add, you will build your success during bear markets and every major dip is just a new golden opportunity.

Stay safe and enjoy the cryptoride!

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