Congratulations Lunatics. Do Kwon just gave regulators the opportunity they have been gagging for to come in and absolutely rail the crypto industry and exchanges.


First off, the collapse of Luna caught the attention of regulators around the globe, especially in the USA. Stable coin regulation is coming and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I don’t actually think this is a bad thing to prevent future meltdowns (full audit of tether pls).

So what does this c#ck head do…….creates Luna 2.0. This is a regulators wet dream. The optics on this whole thing are so incredibly bad.

To ALL of the exchanges out there who listed this token……you fucked up.

Not only do the regulators have hard on for flogs like Do Kwon, but you are in their crosshairs even more now. Exchanges literally listed the exit pump token for Do Kwon’s initial ponzi. Utterly psychotic. Like how can they be so stupid.

Exchanges should have denied the listing of Luna 2.0.

This is why we are so far away from full scale adoption. It’s bullshit like this and maybe it’s time for the regs to come in and clean this bullshit up. A lot of people lost a lot of money in the last couple of weeks, Do Kwon is causing more and more damage every day he is active in the crypto asset class.

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