Cointest Updates: Winners, Rounds Ending, and changes made.


Greetings r/CryptoCurrency. Another round of the Cointest competition has come to a close. Please join us in congratulating the most recent winners listed below.

As a reminder, the r/CryptoCurrency Cointest is a recurring competition for crowdsourcing the best arguments in support of or against crypto topics by awarding Moon prizes to the winning contestants. The end goal is to provide r/CC readers with a balanced source of quality information for their cryptocurrency research.


Winners – General Concepts

The General Concepts round ended on August 31st and a total of 5,250 moons have been paid out to the winners listed below.

Topic 1st 2nd 3rd PoW Pros FrogsDoBeCool 100K_or_bust – AKA elrond4 aqqlebottom PoW Cons 100k_or_bust – AKA elrond4 FrogsDoBeCool aqqlebottom PoS Pros FrogsDoBeCool MrMoustacheMan aqqlebottom PoS Cons Shippior MrMoustacheMan aqqlebottom LN Pros Blendzi0r 108record Knife_ligh LN Cons Blendzi0r aqqlebottom youngbitcoino NFT Pros 100k_or_bust – AKA elrond4 Wargizmo anakanin NFT Cons 100k_or_bust – AKA elrond4 MrMoustacheMan Knife_ligh DAG Pros aqqlebottom 108record Shippior DAG Cons 108record aqqlebottom Shippior

The new General Concepts round has been live for two weeks. Therefore, as per the rules, contestants are allowed to copy arguments from the prior round, like the ones above, and reuse them in the current round if the original authors haven’t done so already. The usernames of the original authors must be cited in the copied arguments.

Team Additions

u/CryptoChief has recruited an additional two administrators to help with the project. u/MrMoustacheMan, u/IhaventEvenGotADog, u/_martinshkreli_, and u/FrogsDoBeCool are now joined by u/108record and u/Blendzi0r. Their duties will be helping with judging, meta discussion, answering modmails, updating the archive, etc.

If you’re interested in joining the team, see here for details.


As announced in the update from last month, the General Tech category was renamed to General Concepts to cover more topics.

5 new topics were added to the latest General Concepts round. They are DEXs, ETFs, Inflation, Privacy, and Regulation.

Tie votes will be broken by character count.


The registry collects all topics open for participation in one place.

The archive lists out all current and closed topics. Users can find prior threads on a topic to help refine their arguments (or to help with DYOR).

The policy section outlines Cointest rules and guidelines among other aspects of the project.

Topics Ending Soon

The soonest round to end will be the Top 10 category. Topics registered for this round are:




Binance Coin



USD Coin




If you’d like to participate in this category, submit an argument before the end of the month.

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