Cointest Updates: Winners, rounds ending, and changes made


Greetings, r/CryptoCurrency! We are pleased to announce the winners of the most recent Cointest round – the Top 10 Category.

As a reminder: the r/CryptoCurrency Cointest is an official, ongoing competition for crowdsourcing the best arguments in support of or against crypto topics by awarding Moon prizes to the winning contestants. The end goal is to provide r/CC readers with a balanced source of quality information for their cryptocurrency research.


Winners – Top 10

The Top 10 round ended on September 30th and a total of 10,500 moons have been distributed to the winners listed below:

Topic 1st 2nd 3rd BTC Pros elrond4 MrMoustacheMan aqqlebottom BTC Cons elrond4 Maleficent_Plankton aqqlebottom BNB Pros Blendzi0r aqqlebottom meteor-vs-lizardking BNB Cons Blendzi0r aqqlebottom Tatakae69 ADA Pros FrogsDoBeCool Maleficent_Plankton aqqlebottom ADA Cons elrond4 Maleficent_Plankton aqqlebottom DOGE Pros meteor-vs-lizardking MBCnerdcore aqqlebottom DOGE Cons elrond4 aqqlebottom Isulet ETH Pros MrMoustacheMan aminok aqqlebottom ETH Cons Maleficent_Plankton aqqlebottom Isulet DOT Pros 108record Shippior FrogsDoBeCool DOT Cons 108record roberthonker Shippior USDT Pros 108record Blendzi0r aqqlebottom USDT Cons 108record Blendzi0r Maleficent_Plankton XRP Pros 108record FrogsDoBeCool aqqlebottom XRP Cons 108record aqqlebottom Vee_Junes UNI Pros Spiderman8291 Altruistic-Pipe-2761 aqqlebottom UNI Cons Altruistic-Pipe-2761 aqqlebottom CarbonatedInsidious USDC Pros 108record Blendzi0r aqqlebottom USDC Cons 108record Blendzi0r FrogsDoBeCool

The new Top 10 round has been live for two weeks. Therefore, as per the rules, contestants are allowed to copy arguments from the prior round, like the ones above, and reuse them in the current round if the original authors haven’t done so already. The usernames of the original authors must be cited in the copied arguments, however.

Team Additions

No new administrators were recruited this round. If you are interested in joining the team, click here for details.


Starting from this round, a Best Analysis award will be given to the entry which receives the highest average score from the team’s judging. This award will come with a custom addition to your flair, along with a bonus 500 moon tip.

The winner of this award in the Top 10 round was u/elrond4, with their Bitcoin Pro-Argument entry: Congratulations! Any ties for this award will be broken at u/CryptoChief‘s discretion.

If a copied argument receives 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, the corresponding prize will be split equally between the original author and the user who reused the argument.

For arguments that exceed 9500 characters, the author must split it between a top level comment & a second-level comment, like so:

Secondary arguments from one author in the same thread (which are under the maximum character limit) will not be counted. Repeat offenses will be treated as spam and will result in being disqualified from the current round.

Threads which have been renewed for the next round will be locked and flaired ‘CONTEST-LOCKED’, while threads which have not been renewed will be flaired ‘CONTEST-CLOSED’. Users may participate in the ‘CONTEST-CLOSED’ threads if they wish to do so, but entries will not be judged.

Due to changes in market circumstances, UNI was removed from the Top 10 category and has been replaced with SOL.


The registry collects all topics open for participation in one place.

The archive lists out all current and closed topics. Users can find prior threads on a topic to help refine their arguments (or to help with DYOR).

The policy section outlines Cointest rules and guidelines among other aspects of the project.

Topics Ending Soon

The soonest round to end will be the Coin Inquiries category – deadline is October 31st. Topics registered for this round are:


Bitcoin Cash

Internet Computer







Shiba Inu

If you’d like to participate in this category, please submit an argument before the end of the month.

Good luck!

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