Coins can be underrated even if they’re among the top 10 or 20


I think Chainlink is extremely underrated as the backbone of most smart contracts used by millions of users everyday. The price movement is stagnant (not saying it has to be aligned with the fundamentals all the time, but the market cap deserves to be higher in a supposedly non-biased market).

Polkadot is also still underrated with the premise of pushing interoperability to the next level, however staking could’ve been easier, I think.

Algorand is also beneath the radars of many but considering the fact that it’s a relatively young project, it’s understandable. Honestly it’s been the easiest kind of crypto and dapps I’ve ever used in this space.

And don’t even get me started on Terra, the god of savings and interest. Again an infant project so not surprising.

Which coins do you think “deserve” a higher spot in the leaderboard? I think all of this shows that we’re still in an immature phase of the market, though I’m grateful that more useful projects are actually being recognized much more frequently than years ago.

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