Coinbase is about to cost me the home I just bought and there is ZERO way to contact them. I feel completely alone


I recently bought a home and I need a statement that shows that I withdrew the money into my bank account. None is offered. Coinbase offers NO support line by phone and they do not bother to respond to emails

This is a corporation worth hundreds of billions of dollars and they let people suffer every day because they don’t want to hire customer service

This should be illegal. Coinbase management is scum. I am posting this here because shining a light on these issues is the only thing these corporations care about

Edit: in response to many comments I’m receiving. I have been informed by my bank that a screenshot does not suffice. They require documentation of some sort

Edit 2: thanks for the support! In response to another question that keeps popping up, the pdf you can generate on their website contains buy and sells of crypto, and they can see me converting the crypto into usd. But it does not show the ach transfer to my bank account

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