Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, went on a full on rant in twitter after “Coinbase employees petition to remove execs”


So Brian Armstrong, the current CEO of Coinbase, is living up to his surname.

This started with the petition “Operation Revive COIN” that is allegedly created by a coinbase employee.

Then Armstrong proceeds to rant explain himself on twitter.

After telling people to quit and to work for a company that they believe in and firing the one who created the petition. He turned 180 as quickly as he could though and went back to the charismatic CEO pep-talky guy. Imho a CEO telling me this just tells me I don’t have the littlest bit say in the company. Doing this in twitter is as hypocritical as it is too though, he could have made an official blog post in the coinbase site.

Let’s not forget that all these stuff coming from a company that freshly only recently pulled off a lot of job offers from people.

Dedicating a lot of your own life on a company that sees you as a replaceable asset is not the way. Fuck that.

By the way, is twitter the official professional bulletin board now? 😂

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